Dubai Audio – Full-Service Provider

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Dubai Audio is the dedicated professional audio specialist providing support to major production and equipment companies in the Dubai. As a response to the rapidly growing demand for a specialist audio company with the expertise and resources to design, implement, and execute large scale events.

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Dubai Audio established itself as an essential destination for audiophiles, consultants, and customers who wanted to learn about and experience luxury enjoyment. Today, Dubai Sound offers an remarkable selection of audio, video, house theatre, illumination, and house control systems, all supported by a connoisseur’s commitment to details and continually outstanding customer support.

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Dubai Audio is a full-service provider of audio visual equipment. It offer a wide range of services like comprehensive, and provide a full-service equipment maintenance digital audio, headphones, headphone amplifiers,ipod docks,bluetooth speakers, wireless speakers,ipod with radio alarm, radio alarm, home theater, multiroom audio, multiroom video, video servers, audio servers, highend audio, multiroom audio distribution, projector screens, cinema seating, cinema seats, residential lighting, home automation, radio and alarm, FM radio, internet radio, home cinema, home cinema systems, universal remotes, remote controls. Like McIntosh, Oppo, Geneva, Tivoli Audio, Sonoro, Naim Audio, Linn, Sonus Faber, Sim2, TAD Audio, Parrot Zik, Vivid Audio, JL Audio, Loewe, Zvox Audio, Martin Logan, Devialet, RTI, Future Automation, Da-Lite, UE- Ultimate Ears, Audeze, NuForce, Spectral, AudioQuest.


We will equip you with state-of-the-art equipment for conferences, events, productions, seminars, trade shows, product launches, regional sales meetings and presentations. We customize our offering to meet your needs. Working together we establish the right combination of equipment and services that will communicate your message with inspiration and style. It has produced quality shows with efficient teamwork and has carried out innumerable events in this part of the region. We work side-by-side with our clients, providing the most comprehensive solutions available to ensure a successful event.

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Our goal is to establish a long term relationship with our clients by becoming a trusted resource and constantly exceeding expectations. Our dedicated & highly qualified technicians will collaborate with you to develop worry-free solutions for all of your audio visual needs. At Dubai audio, High-Performance Home Entertainment Solutions Design and custom Install service provides a range of solutions to meet your exact needs and budget. If you are after a LCD screen set up by a professional on a wall, not a problem, we can even offer a set price after a website check out.

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If it is a house cinema or multiple room sound programs you require, we would recommend a website check out in your house to allow us to discover your program incorporation choices within your house atmosphere. We would then recommend a consultation at our excellent business presentation features to display fully incorporated ad techniques in an appropriate atmosphere. If you are in need of concepts or choices why not make a consultation at the shop to get an experience of available techniques for motivation. Dubai Sound also provides a level of support and abilities that suits our own complicated specifications. As management in offering cutting-edge entertainment solutions to the UAE and across the Middle Southern, we have recognized a worldwide reputation for progression and stability that creates us the go-to resource for world-class producers looking to get into the Middle Southern. For more information visit the site


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